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PropelPHL isn’t just another job board.

Powered by Hire! Philly, PropelPHL is the only one-stop-shop in the Greater Philadelphia region that connects and fosters collaboration between job seekers, job creators, and job supporters.

By aggregating and streamlining the workforce ecosystem, PropelPHL allows for all Philadelphians to create more pathways to in-demand careers.

PropelPHL uses proprietary skills latticing technology to help job seekers begin a new path, level-up in their existing careers, explore work-based learning opportunities, and discover new passions that change their career trajectory.

For employers, PropelPHL is a valuable skills-based recruiting tool that features high-quality candidate matching, unlimited free job postings, and case management tools to assemble candidate pools with the skills needed to build their talent pipeline.

For education + training resources, workforce development agencies, and community resources, PropelPHL allows them to enhance their great work by providing meaningful, targeted employment support directly within the platform.

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836 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147